The Christian Party

I will preface this by saying that I don't believe there is really a "Christian" party. I believe that there are Christians and nonChristians in all political parties. What it all comes down to is how you relate to the big issues that each party runs on. I grew up in an area that may have had a handful of Democrats...I really didn't know anything about politics though. I have found through the years, that you can almost always find something to support what you believe and want to say. It can be more difficult to find factual information, however. College was the first time I ever even thought about politics outside of information I had to learn for school. I was still in a very conservative area though and didn't get involved. I grew up believing that abortion was bad and wrong and knowing that there would always be poor people. What I know now is that Republicans don't want the government to pay for abortions, birth control, helping poor people, or health insurance. They want the government to outlaw drugs, ban gay marriage, take away any rights relating to LGBT people, and cut all programs to help poor people. This is confusing to me.
From my perspective, if we want to get rid of abortions, we have to make birth control affordable. We also have to have programs to help young single moms or young families that have an unplanned pregnancy be able to afford to have their baby, feed their baby, take the baby to doctor appointments, and get an education so they're not depending on these programs for the rest of their lives. In a perfect world, in small towns, these things can be provided by local churches and charities, but in large cities, like the one I live in now, this is just not a possibility. The facts speak for themselves and say that affordable birth control directly results in fewer abortions. Affordable education directly results in fewer people on government assistance.
As far as health insurance goes, I am at a loss. I work in the healthcare system and I can tell you first hand that Medicare is the most efficient insurance that exists. The costs are the lowest and you don't have wasted money or wasted services. If you're against the government running insurance, I'm going to have to say that you aren't completely educated on the subject. Either way, I'm not promoting government run insurance, but health insurance should be a guaranteed right that every human has and they should be able to get affordable insurance, health care, and medications. I'm not sure who wins by limiting people's ability to have a better quality of life and afford medical care.
As a Christian, I believe that Jesus loves everyone, even those that don't love him. Taking away people's rights doesn't make them change who they are, it just makes them feel less human and unloved. This goes for the LGBT community as well as refugees. There have been LBGT people since the beginning of humanity. If you believe that this is a choice, how is this treatment going to change them? As far as refugees go, how can they change where they came from? If you don't like their religious beliefs, are you showing them the love of Jesus or judgment and ridicule? Also realize that refugees didn't create the situation their in that's causing them to be in danger. The United States insisting on being in everyone's business and almost constantly being in a war is creating many of these refugees and forcing them out of their home.
Outlawing drugs hasn't ever made anyone stop doing them. It just creates more crime because people will find a way to get their drugs. Are you trying to be a part of a solution? I'm not saying they should be legalized, but the facts are that legalizing drugs won't create more drug users. It will make drugs safer because they'll be regulated and it will create huge revenue for the government that could help get us out of debt. Just another fact, there are legal drugs that are just as dangerous, if not more dangerous than the illegal ones.
Another concern I have is that the Republican party...speaking of the current officials serving...seems more concerned about making money than about what is really in the best interest of our country and the citizens. They seem to have absolutely no idea how much damage all of the things they're undoing will cause...forever. What exactly was wrong with making cars more gas efficient so that 1. we can save money on gas and 2. we won't be polluting the air as much. Why do we want to recreate coal jobs that cause the workers deadly diseases and working environments that could literally kill them. Coal isn't going to make a comeback because it's not cost efficient. Why do we want to allow storage of harmful waste under water supplies? Why do we want to deregulate so many things that we're going to have to start worrying about clean drinking water, oceans, and all other sources of water? I'm no conspiracy theorist, but it's honestly gotten to the point of seeming like they're just looking for ways to undo what was done the previous 8 years.
I think a lot of people have confused loving others with always agreeing with them and their lifestyles. Jesus just said to love one another. There weren't any conditions added or any people excluded. As far as I am concerned, I am 100% on board for what is best for humanity. What can I do to make sure I show love to others and act like Jesus would act. It's truly not our job to worry about what everyone else is doing or how they choose to live their lives. If you're a Christian, you know that's what judgment day is for. Not all of us will be spending eternity in heaven, but that's no reason to make people's lives on Earth hell. All parties and humans have their faults and strengths. We need to learn to work together for what is truly best or we're going to be a nation falling apart. We've already become a huge joke to a lot of other countries. We're wasting a lot of money on things that aren't going to actually change anything for the better.


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