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The Journey to a New Beginning

I really am at a loss for everything that's happened since Sunday, March 20th. My mom went into the ER for considerable weight loss and not being able to swallow. We thought she's get a feeding tube and hopefully get help with being able to swallow. Monday they did an endoscopy to try and stretch her esophagus, however between her Scleroderma and lack of eating, there was no elasticity left. They planned to do a gastrostomy the following day for nutrition. Monday was an interesting day as she was very out of it from the sedation as well as something far more going on we didn't know about. Monday night, God just told me to go tell her I loved her so I did. She told me that she loved me too and those are the last words I heard her speak! About an hour later came her first seizure followed by 2 others that took a lot of medication to get under control. They did a CT scan and another test and found what appeared to be a lesion on the back of her brain. They scheduled and MRI f…