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Charlotte Ann

This little girl has rocked our world since the day we found out I was pregnant. She was a very happy surprise, but a very big surprise :-) Just for those that don't know, we found out around 18 weeks that she had some kind of problem going on in her abdomen. Between her being a girl and having more organs than a boy and the fact that they were taking pictures of her through me, they couldn't tell us for sure what the problem was. They decided to do an MRI while I was still pregnant and started thinking it was her lymphatic system. After she was born, on January 7, they took her to the NICU and started running some tests to try and figure out exactly what was wrong and what they needed to do about it. They decided that she needed to go to Nemours Hospital in Orlando, FL for an interventional radiology treatment. We got to Nemours on January 13 and were given a pretty grim outlook. This mass had totally taken over her abdomen and was surrounding all of her organs. The surgeon …