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Gotta love

I know it's not proper English, but I am from the south ;-) I have always tried to be a positive person, but I have certainly let the trials of life get me down at times. Not so much as a New Year's resolution, but just as a life goal, I'm striving to be more positive and uplifting to myself and all those around me. With that in mind, here are a few things that I love...

Having a husband that after almost 8 years of marriage still makes me feel loved and beautiful!

Having a husband that cooks almost every meal we eat at home...and will make me lunch if I ask!

Having a husband that works hard and provides for our family!

Having the most beautiful, sweetest, and smartest 5 year old girl anyone could ever imagine!

Having two dogs that drive me insane, but provide the most unconditional love!

Having had the most loving, inspiring mom that I try to emulate in my life!

Having a dad that's always there for me and loves me no matter what...even if we do butt heads because we&#…

Pinterest recreation...

Image This is what we were shooting to recreate...I think ours came out much better! Below are the before...
After looking at the Pinterest post, I found that they used MDF. We opted to repaint the closet only one color, white, and used oak.

We decided to stain the oak a dark walnut color to give more of a contrast to the white walls...

We used brushed chrome finish hardware instead of the dark hardware they used to add contrast to the wood.

And finally, with all of the jackets hung up, the totally finished project. Well, we still have to put a shelf up above the top level.

It was definitely more pricey to do this the way we did, but we agreed we'd rather have a nicer look, even if it is just an entryway closet. The wood alone may have cost as much as the original Pinterest project, but it's worth it.