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Being Mom

Being mom is one of the greatest roller coaster rides of your life! You can literally feel the most joy, sadness, excitement, anger, and all kinds of other emotions you never knew the span of 5 minutes! You experience a love like absolutely no other. Suddenly, your heart lives outside of your body...and for someone like me that's not very emotional...this is hard! You never get a "break" because even if you're out with the girls, by yourself, with your spouse on a date, you are almost constantly thinking about your child(ren). When you have a child, you become a different person and you can never have the "old you" back. Even though you are still much more than "just mom", your precious one(s) have forever changed you and you will no longer be able to make decisions without thinking about how it will affect your kid(s). You will sacrifice sleep...HUGE for someone like me that could sleep 10 hours a night lol! You will sacrifice anythin…