The truth about abortion

I have wanted to share some things about abortion for a while, but it never seemed like the right time. I wanted to share this for those who have thought about abortion, are considering abortion, think they'll never have one, and eventually for my daughters. There are things that abortion clinics and churches aren't willing to share about abortion and some they can't share unless they have personally had one.

The churches, in general, don't seem to want share the very important fact that you won't, in fact, go to hell if you have had or decide to have an abortion. Jesus will still love you despite your decision, just like all of the other sins humans commit. You also have a right to grieve the loss of your baby, whether it was something you wanted to do, or something you felt you had to do. This grieving process is not only permitted, but very necessary for healing!

Abortion clinics can't, or won't, tell you that it is one of the most physically and emoti…

Why are we against marching?

As usual, I have controversial opinions on lots of things, but recently, there has been an uproar over the marches that have gone on since Trump came into office. So many are asking why they're necessary and reducing participants to whiny snowflakes. The problem with that is if they were snowflakes, by the definition of fragile and easily upset, they wouldn't be marching. They would stay home and just send thoughts and prayers that the problems would just disappear. We have had a women's march as well as a march for lives.
I hear that there's no reason for a women's march as women are treated equally and therefore have no right to complain. This is just not true. Women are not treated equally, despite progress that has been made. Most of the women that were marching weren't marching for themselves, but for those that aren't able because they're not treated as an individual. There are still many industries, in our own country, that don't pay or hire…

The Christian Party

I will preface this by saying that I don't believe there is really a "Christian" party. I believe that there are Christians and nonChristians in all political parties. What it all comes down to is how you relate to the big issues that each party runs on. I grew up in an area that may have had a handful of Democrats...I really didn't know anything about politics though. I have found through the years, that you can almost always find something to support what you believe and want to say. It can be more difficult to find factual information, however. College was the first time I ever even thought about politics outside of information I had to learn for school. I was still in a very conservative area though and didn't get involved. I grew up believing that abortion was bad and wrong and knowing that there would always be poor people. What I know now is that Republicans don't want the government to pay for abortions, birth control, helping poor people, or health i…

Perspective changes everything

I need you to use your imagination. Imagine that you are a part of a religion that has extremists that are doing terrible things around the world. Imagine that you, legally, move to another country to have a better, safer life because you don't want yourself or your family around these radical people. Imagine that you feel towards these people the same way people completely outside of your religion feel, but there isn't anything you can do to change them. Imagine that you are doing everything you can to contribute to your new country to make it the best possible place you can. Imagine that you're raising your children and helping others raise their children to be loving, accepting, and dependable adults. Now imagine that despite all of your efforts, you're still hated just for being who you are and something that you can't change. This is the reality for so many people. This has been the reality for Jews, Christians, Muslims, and many more. If you look at history, …

Heart of the matter

I want to get some things out there that are on my heart. This election has been one of the craziest ever! I think everyone can agree that there's never been such heat surrounding a presidential election...even when Obama was elected. Everyone that knows me most likely knows my views, but I would like to expand on the heart of my views.
First of all, these two precious girls need to grow up feeling they are valued and can do anything they want! I don't want them to ever question their worth or be punished for the rest of their lives for a bad mistake.
I want to say that healthcare is important and should be a guarantee for every American and it should be affordable. It shouldn't cost more than your mortgage payment to insure your family. You shouldn't have to pay hundreds of dollars for any medication...especially when you have health insurance. We have to make preventative medicine affordable for everyone or we'll never get the cost of medicine under control. P…

My little miracle

This precious child you see is Charlotte. If you're my friend, you know her! This picture depicts her personality perfectly! I wanted to share, for any of you that may not know, a little of her story.

First, I have to say that this sweet girl definitely has some of her Mimi's traits in her! I've never met anyone, outside of the two of them, that could smile through any situation! Charlotte's story is a powerful story of an unplanned, but very wanted, baby that has overcome so many obstacles and already has her journey changing people's lives! It's been more difficult for me because in the past, I would always have my mom by my side to get me through really hard times and I haven't had that for over 4 years now. When we found out there was something wrong with Charlotte, I was just around 20 weeks pregnant and at our gender reveal ultrasound. They didn't know what exactly was wrong until after she was born. She lived in Orlando for 7 of the first 8 wee…

Charlotte's Story

I'm extremely honored and humbled to be able to share Charlotte's story! Her story began in May of 2015 when I found out I was pregnant and got a glimpse of God's sense of humor. I had literally just sold all of my baby stuff in April because my daughter was now 5 and I hadn't convinced my husband to have another baby. In August, I went for what was supposed to be my one and only high risk doctor visit. My husband and I realized something wasn't right when the ultrasound technician kept looking hard at the screen and repositioning the scanner. When she didn't say much and left to get the doctor, we really got nervous. The doctor came in and after looking at her pictures and scanning my belly himself, he asked if this was a wanted pregnancy or if abortion was an option before we went any further. That is not a good thing to ask an emotional, pregnant woman! He couldn't tell us exactly what was wrong, but they were thinking she had some intestinal obstructio…