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The struggle is real!

So, I posted a status on facebook yesterday about how I am feeling. Since it came up, I wanted to share more. I believe in brutal honesty, so I wanted to be honest about what this journey has been like for me.

I started out very surprised when I found out I was pregnant. I, like a lot of moms, knew that I would love my second child, but worried about one of my kiddos feeling left out. All of these worries seemed to ridiculous when we found out that our baby girl had something wrong with her. We discovered this around 18 weeks. Honestly, I had already been struggling with my emotions as I was missing my mom like crazy. She was at almost every single doctor visit when I was pregnant with Anabeth. I was kind of feeling like I was going through this alone since Matt was working mandatory overtime and it was so difficult for him to get time off for anything. I was missing a piece of me, but at the same time, it was like God was filling it with this new life. They never figured out 100% wh…