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Political Beliefs

I know I posted something similar a while back, but since this is the season for presidential election, I feel the need to post again. I am a registered Democrat. I am also a Christian. I don't think that being a Democrat means I can't be a Christian, which I've heard from many people. I am also opposed to abortion under any circumstances as well as people that are lazy and let our government support them. I also, however, KNOW that outlawing abortion isn't going to stop it. If you want to make a difference in our society or in an individual's life, hating them for something or outlawing something isn't going to stop it! I also believe that cutting all government assistance isn't the answer to making people go to work. People that want to work and support themselves and their families are going to do it whether they have to or not. The answer is making the requirements for such assistance more strict and making the people that are able to work actively seek…